B.S. in Business with an emphasis in Marketing,
California State University, Fresno
CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer



Aaron had always been an active person and grew up playing every sport one could play. However, after graduating Fresno State with a B.S. in Business with an emphasis in Marketing and many years of being sedentary he found himself the heaviest of his life and in denial.

In early 2010 Aaron began his journey to lose the excess pounds and get back into shape and it began with a friend of his who was a personal trainer at a local globo-gym. He became bored with the standard workout routines his friend was using to train him. His friend approached him about something called “CrossFit” that he had been watching Youtube videos on and wanted to know if I would be willing to try it out.

That day was a day that would forever change Aaron’s life. It was love at first sight and he instantly fell in love with doing and learning all the different aspects of fitness that CrossFit embodies. After 9 months Aaron had lost over 60 pounds and I was hooked on CrossFit and wanted to share it with the world because he truly believed in it, not only as a workout regime but what it stands for as a lifestyle.

This passion sparked Aaron’s interest into making coaching CrossFit a career. “I want to help people change their life around and get into better shape by doing CrossFit because I know how much it has changed mine.”