CrossFit Fresno’s AMRAP (As Many Referrals As Possible) Referral Program offers incentives to current members that help build our community and refer new members to us.

We are always pleased to see the progress and achievements every one of our athletes make each month. As coaches and owners we are also proud and humbled by the fact that many of you want to share that success with your family and friends and bring them on as new members so they too can improve their health and fitness and achieve things they never imagined they could.

We want to thank you for the compliment of your belief in our coaching and our community, and reward you for your referral.

Here are the details of the AMRAP Referral Program

For each of your referrals that sign up for our Starter Special membership, you will be rewarded $25 in “Box Bucks” that can be used toward your next month’s membership fee(s) or toward gear, apparel or Kill Cliff drinks.

There is no limit within each month of how many referrals you may bring in or how many $25 rewards of “Box Bucks”. If your referrals/rewards exceed the cost of your following month’s membership fees, the balance of your rewards can be deducted from the next month of membership.

If you have pre-paid for a multi-month membership at CrossFit Fresno, your referral rewards can be used toward future purchases of pre-paid memberships or can be considered “Box Bucks” for use toward gear, apparel or Kill Cliff drinks. You may also gift your referral rewards to another member for use toward their membership fees.

Additional Rules:

  • Only one referral reward allowed per new member.
    (Only one member may claim the referral and reward)
  • Rewards may not be redeemed as cash.
  • AMRAP Referral Program does NOT apply to CrossFit Unloaded.
  • (Rewards are not retroactive)