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Sunday WOD Programming for everyone emailed out on Saturdays.

M/W/F Competition Programming for Unlimited members available now in Wodify.

Spring Olympic Weightlifting Specialty Program completed.
Successful technique improvement and PRs for many! New dates for another program will be announced soon.


Warm-up (No Measure)

Coach’s Choice

Heart Rate Elevation + Dynamic Stretching + Movement Preparation


A1: Strict Press + Push Press + Push Jerk (5 x COMPLEX)

1 Strict Press + 3 Push Press + 5 Push Jerk; unbroken complex

Rest 30-60 sec.
F: 3 Strict Press + 5 Push Press, focus on technique

P/S: Unbroken, working up in weight.

SUPERSET WITH A2 After Rest Time.

Limiter will be strict press – once shoulders fatigue it’s a great chance to work on leg drive for compound movements


A2: Hollow Body Hold (No Measure)

Accumulate 30 seconds for quality.

Rest 30-60 sec.


B: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

15 min AMRAP

160m Run

10 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65#

10 Toes to Bar

F: DB Push Press + Tuck Ups

P: As Rx

S: 135/95# + 15 T2B