Mission Statement

CrossFit Fresno’s mission is to develop a community of strong, healthy, and athletic individuals who are dedicated to improving their quality of life by redefining their lifestyles through fitness.

Who we are

Our coaches bring several decades of combined experience in the areas of strength and conditioning, general fitness, and sport-specific training.

This is our passion and our life, not just a hobby.

How we’re different

You won’t find rows and rows of single-purpose machines at CrossFit Fresno. YOU are the machines. Traditional hard work and sweat, not cables and motors move the weights in our facility. What you will find in our facility are barbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, pull-up bars, and most importantly, wide open space for all the fun.

Results are not guaranteed, they are earned. Our members are responsible for tracking daily workout performance to measure progress in their strength and conditioning. This promotes healthy competition, intensity, determination, and a commitment from our members that drive them to excel and achieve results that were never thought possible.

We utilize the industry leading performance tracking software, Wodify®.

What we do

We train movements that you see in life because we want to improve your quality of life. Greater mental fortitude, feeling good, and looking awesome are just the added results of your hard work.

We offer regular group classes, private small group training, and private one-on-one training.

Who we serve

Regardless of current fitness level, we can make this program work for anyone willing to put in the effort. There’s no need to feel intimidated if you don’t know anything about CrossFit. And don’t be misguided into thinking that you need to get fit before coming in to see us; it’s our duty to get you fit!

Whether you’ve been working out regularly for years or it’s been years since you’ve worked out, we are here to facilitate your decision to improve your performance and your health now.