You’ve made it through our Foundation Program and have seen how critical proper movement and positioning is for the body to function as it is naturally meant to.

What typically happens to many folks during Foundations and into earlier classes, is they discover how very unnatural their bodies have been moving (or not moving) and how much work is involved to fix this. Understand that training with us at CrossFit Fresno isn’t just about the workout, it’s about restoring what has been lost and re-establishing the mind-body connection in order to move as nature has intended.

For this reason we like to think of our members more as students of fitness, so long as you truly care about improving and are 100% dedicated, with goals to live the lives you want and doing the things you want to do with little to no limitations. This is a process that takes time, serious effort, and constant focus during your hour with us. It is our goal to guide you safely through that process.

That said, while classes are conducted as small group private training where each member is always to be accountable to, responsible, and most importantly respectful of the group and the coach there will be occasions that individuals will need to be responsible for themselves and perform extra work outside of class to compliment work performed in class. This in most cases will be homework in the form of stretches to assist with better movement and positioning.

Because we are a society that unfortunately spends far too much time in a seated position (some of us more than others), areas such as the knees, hips, low back, upper back, and core in general have all been compromised and lost natural function.

To address this we like to direct our athletes to some resources and short videos to bring light to this and help you in your “studies” as you do your part outside of class to help facilitate improvement.

Recommended You Tube Channels:

Mobility Wod with Dr. Kelly Starrett

The Movement Fix with Dr. Ryan DeBell

The Prehab Guys


A few short videos that address specific areas:

Hip flexor stretch

Knee pain and squats

Thoracic mobility routine

Effects of sitting

Low back and the psoas